An Evaluation of Waste in Steel Pipe Rack Installation

Shima Ghavami Modegh1

1Tenders and Contracts Specialist, Kayson Company, Tehran, Iran, Phone +98 935 1010518, [email protected]


The new emerging philosophy of lean construction has been increasingly advocated because of the significant outcomes of its application in different projects. Its waste minimization focus is declared to be beneficial in addressing the inherent challenges of construction, i.e. quality failures, low productivity, and cost and schedule overruns. This research aims to identify the common waste factors and unearth the most significant contributors to waste in steel pipe rack installation process. Data collection was through 6 interviews, followed by a questionnaire survey of 43 professionals involved in pipe rack projects. The findings revealed that waiting for equipment and prefabricated steel elements, repair works and inspection time could be considered as the main waste factors. Moreover, poor planning, weak communication, financial problems, lack of coordination-based workflow, poor contractor practices and poor job site management are recognized to be the most prominent root causes of waste generation.


Lean Construction, Waste, Waste Causes, Steel Pipe Rack, Petroleum Industry.



Modegh, S. G. 2013. An Evaluation of Waste in Steel Pipe Rack Installation, 21th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 729-738.

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