Application of Standardized Work in Franki Piles Concrete Work

Renato Nunes Mariz1 & Flávio Augusto Picchi2

1Ms.C, renatonunesmariz@ Construction Management Research Laboratory (LAGERCON), Department of Architecture and Building (DAC), School of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Urban Design (FEC), University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil.
2 Professor, LAGERCON/DAC/FEC/UNICAMP, [email protected] ; Executive Director, Lean Institute Brasil (LIB


The application of standardized work in manufacturing has resulted in many benefits, thus motivating researchers to apply it in the construction environment. The paper describes an application of standardized work in the task of Franki Piles concrete work. An exploratory case study was carried out in a residential construction project in Brazil. A method for standardized work application used in manufacturing and described in literature was taken as a basis and partially applied. The conclusions are that main steps of the method and as well as the procedures for data collecting, analysis and documentation of standardized work were successfully adapted to the construction environment studied. These were useful for characterizing wastes and discussing forms for eliminating it systematically, indicating potential gains in productivity of 45% for machines, and 70% for labour in an ideal implementation.


Standardized work, Lean thinking, Construction.



Mariz, R. N. & Picchi, F. A. 2013. Application of Standardized Work in Franki Piles Concrete Work , 21th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 461-470.

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