Examples of Lean Techniques and Methodology Applied to Uk Road Schemes

Lúcia H. Fullalove1

11 MSc Corrosion Engineering, BSc Chemical Engineering, Lean Practitioner - Highways Agency – Piccadilly Gate, Store Street. Manchester. M1 2WD. United Kingdom. Tel. +44 161 930 4459


The Highways Agency (HA) is an executive Agency of the UK Department for Transport (DfT). The UK government has been instrumental in encouraging the UK public sector to find ways to improve efficiency and has launched a Continuous Improvement (CI) initiative across all government departments. The HA has successfully applied Lean Techniques as a driver to delivering CI. This paper aims at demonstrating how the HA is improving efficiency of road constructions projects and internal procedures using Lean methodology. The examples given will illustrate some of the techniques used at different stages of the UK road schemes programme and the benefit/s realised from their applications. Through these work examples readers will have an indication on how benefits were achieved, which account for a Return On Investment (ROI) greater than 20:1 and over £80 Million of efficiency savings to date.


IGLC21, lean construction, Lean in UK road constructions and maintenance, Continuous Improvement in UK public sector.



Fullalove, L. H. 2013. Examples of Lean Techniques and Methodology Applied to Uk Road Schemes, 21th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 1057-1066. doi.org/

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