Lean Construction Facilitates Learning on All Organisational Levels?

Randi M. Christensen1 & Thomas N. Christensen2

1PhD, M.Sc. Project manager Danish Defence Estates & Infrastructure Organisation, Arsenalvej 55, DK-9800 Hjoerring, Denmark. Phone +45 9924 1444, [email protected]
2M.Sc. Project manager and client consultant, COWI Denmark, Thulebakken 34, DK-9000 Aalborg, Denmark, Phone +45 99 36 77 75, [email protected]


The construction industry is in need of interdisciplinary learning and development in order to meet customers‘ needs. However, interdisciplinary learning can be difficult to facilitate, particularly in the construction industry due to organizational structures based on separation of professions, and due to traditions for relying on tacit and practice based knowledge. To meet this challenge, Lean Construction has shown great potential in initiating and facilitating learning, and particularly interdisciplinary learning, throughout the design and construction phases. In order to be able to deliberately facilitate this interdisciplinary learning, a general understanding of why Lean Construction leads to learning is developed. For this both practice based theories as well as a case study are presented. Finally, the authors call for more research on the topic of learning at higher organizational levels, particularly with focus on the early phases. The aim is to include the entire supply chain on a construction project in increasing the value of the end product.


Practice based learning, Interdisciplinary learning, Lean Construction.



Christensen, R. M. & Christensen, T. N. 2010. Lean Construction Facilitates Learning on All Organisational Levels?, 18th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 406-414. doi.org/

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