Management Innovation Brokers

Rolf Simonsen1, Sten Bonke2 & Pernille Walloe3

1PhD student, Technical University of Denmark, Department of Construction Management, Danish Technological Institute, Process & IT, [email protected]
2Associate Professor, Technical University ofDenmark, Department of Construction Management, [email protected]
3Project Manager, Lean Construction-DK, Danish Technological Institute, Process & IT, pemille. walloe@tekno


Lean Construction is a relative new management approach in Danish construction. This paper describes the journey of Lean Construction into the Danish construction sector. Lean Construction is viewed as a management concept and this paper will focus on the role of innovation brokers in the innovation process. Our intention is to show that brokers - and in this case: Lean Construction brokers- have a profound influence on how, where and when a new management concept will penetrate the construction industry. The story of Lean Construction entering Denmark is told - from the first ideas in public funded development programmes through the ongoing development in a few, leading edge construction companies and through the work of a network of brokers to the recent launch of a Danish Lean Construction Institute (Lean Construction-DK). The case is matched against established theories on the innovation process and the role of brokers. It is concluded that the innovation process in this case has been multi-levelled and emergent and has depended on several different types of brokers at different stages and with different roles. Also the case indicates that Lean Construction is well on the way to institutionalisation in the Danish construction sector.


Lean Construction, management concept, innovation brokers, innovation process, network



Simonsen, R. , Bonke, S. & Walloe, P. 2004. Management Innovation Brokers, 12th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -.

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