Toyota Production System Adopted by Building Construction in Japan

Yoshitaka Nakagawa1 & Yoshitugu Shimizuz2

1Dr. Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering , Engineering Division, Toyo University, Saitama Prefecture, Japan, [email protected]
2Managing director of Fukuda Corporation, [email protected]


This paper explains the lean construction system that adopts Toyota production system that is applied to building construction in Japan. The introduction of this system to construction site is limited. Only a few contractors and house building companies are introducing this lean construction system. ~ First, the paper explains the reasons why only a limited number of companies are introducing the lean construction system. The paper then describes the outline of this lean construction system, the effects of this adoption, and compares the details of this lean construction system, car production system, and the conventional construction system in Japan. How to eliminate waste and implement the PDCA cycle in this system are also shown. Finally, the paper explains the importance of education and incentive and motivation in order to obtain useful suggestions that will enhance lean construction.


Lean construction, Toyota Production System, PDCA, HT, Motivation, Incentive, Posting control board, Standard operating procedure doctnnents



Nakagawa, Y. & Shimizuz, Y. 2004. Toyota Production System Adopted by Building Construction in Japan, 12th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -.

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