Non-Unit Based Planning and Scheduling of Repetitive Construction Projects

Rong-Yau Huang1 & Kuo-Shun Sun2

1Ph.D., Associate Professor, Institute of Construction Engineering and Management, National Central University, Chung-li, Taiwan 32054, Tel: 886-3-4227151 ext. 4108, E-mail: [email protected].
2Lecturer, Department of Construction Management, Diwan College of Management, and Doctoral candidate, Department of Civil Engineering, National Central University


One of the major goals of lean construction is for waste reduction. Repetitive construction projects are good candidate for applying the lean construction principles. Their repetitiveness makes the streamlining of the delivery process more lucrative. Repetitive scheduling methods are more effective in modeling and planning the repetitive activities and are more suitable for the scheduling and resource planning of repetitive construction projects. Nonetheless, almost all the repetitive scheduling methods developed so far are based on the primitive that a repetitive project is the construction of many identical production units. In practical, however, the production units in many repetitive projects may not be identical. Besides, many repetitive projects contain, more or less, portions of non-repetitive productions. This research develops a non-unit based algorithm for planning and scheduling of repetitive projects. Instead of repetitive production units, repetitive or similar activity groups are identified and employed for scheduling. The algorithm can satisfy (1) the logical relationship of activity groups in a repetitive project, (2) the usage of various resource crews in an activity group, (3) the maintaining of resource continuity, and ( 4) the consideration of change over of different crews. Case study is conducted for demonstration and validation of the algorithm. Results and findings are reported.


Construction, Scheduling, Repetitive, Production unit, Resource



Huang, R. & Sun, K. 2004. Non-Unit Based Planning and Scheduling of Repetitive Construction Projects, 12th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -.

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