The Architectural Technologist's Role in Linking Lean Design with Lean Construction

Elizabeth Brookfield1, Stephen Emmitt2, Robert Hill3 & Steve Scaysbrook4

1Education and Research Officer, British Institute of Architectural Technologists(BIA T), Innovation & Research Committee, 397 City Road, London, ECIV lNH, UK. [email protected]
2BIA T Innovation & Research Committee. [email protected]
3BIA T Innovation & Research Committee. [email protected]
4Vice-President, BlAT Innovation & Research Committee. [email protected]


From a UK perspective the purpose of lean design is to improve the 'manufacturability' of a product; the purpose of lean construction is to improve the flow of information, materials and people in the production process. Both lean design and lean construction are concerned with generating unique value for the customer, thus they are part of the same process; each is highly interdependent on the other. Design (both conceptual and detail) cannot be considered as separate from the construction process: it is a team activity encompassing the input of many specialists, which need to be co-ordinated. Key to this is an understanding of design and production processes. Architectural technologists, because of their education and training, are uniquely positioned to materialise design intent as a value adding process. The argument developed in this paper places the role of the architectural technologist equivalent to, for example, the production engineer in manufacturing industry, whose key function is to manage the input of various contributors to produce a viable product. The role of the technologist as an integrator and enabler of a quality product within a whole life framework is, therefore, crucial for realising value and for providing the links between design, construction and facilities management.


Architectural technologist; Constructive links; Detail design; Flows; Lean approach;



Brookfield, E. , Emmitt, S. , Hill, R. & Scaysbrook, S. 2004. The Architectural Technologist's Role in Linking Lean Design with Lean Construction, 12th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -.

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