BygLOK - A Danish Experiment on Cooperation in Construction

Steen Elsborg1, Allan Dam2 & Sven Bertelsen3

1Steen Elsborg, PhD-Scholar, Danish University of Education, Learning Lab Denmark, Emdrupvej 101, DK2400 NV, [email protected].
2Allan Dam, project coordinator, Danish Technological Institute, Grgersensvej, DK2630 Taastrup, Denmark. [email protected]
3Sven Bertelsen, Strategic Counsellors aps, Morlenesvej 22, DK2840 Holte, Denmark. [email protected]


BygLOK is a Danish experimental project within cooperation and learning on building sites. The overall goal is to develop a process that will make the craftsmen more and more involved in and responsible for the daily decisions. In order to achieve this goal BygLOK focuses on improving communication and cooperation between the different trades. The development was initiated through a value based process created bottom up, where all workers on the building site participated. Both managers and workers participating have evaluated the completed experiments very positively as having initiated a process where all participants across trades make significantly better use of each other's strengths. On a more specific level it was found that in spite of (or maybe because of) the fact that all workers have spent one hour every week attending a meeting in order to discuss and plan the work, they have managed to deliver on time without any deficiencies. In the evaluation ofBygLOK the managers and workers- as well as the teachers and the action researchers acting as professional facilitators - agreed that it will be possible to create a synergy effect if the efforts are made more comprehensive. As a result the experiences from BygLOK are now being widened and integrated into the implementation of Lean Construction and partnering in a new industry initiative on cooperation and learning in construction.


BygLOK, BygSoL, learning, construction, management



Elsborg, S. , Dam, A. & Bertelsen, S. 2004. BygLOK - A Danish Experiment on Cooperation in Construction, 12th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -.

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