Application of the Rapid Lean Construction-Quality Rating Model to Engineering Companies

LĂ­gia Cardoso Vieira1, Lahuana Oliveira De Souza2 & Marques Tatiana Amaral3



The philosophy of Lean Construction, widely circulated in construction sites as a means towards greater product and process flexibility without major technological outlays, has caught the imagination of managers, as the construction market is becoming increasingly heated up. It is imperative that engineering firms wishing to implement the Lean Construction philosophy get an update on its current state, so that they can set achievable goals and objectives with the help of this philosophy. This study proposes the application of the Rapid Lean Construction-Quality Rating Model (LCR) by means of a questionnaire to two companies in the State of Goiás. As a result, the performance level of these companies in relation to the use of Lean Construction was obtained, to check how it was understood and how its principles were applied. After this step, the results were evaluated and suggestions were made to the companies to help them implement Lean Thinking. The model used was effective, because it was possible to obtain results in terms of the implementation of lean thinking in the two companies analyzed.


Lean Construction. Performance level. Rating model



Vieira, L. C. , De Souza, L. O. & Amaral, M. T. 2012, 'Application of the Rapid Lean Construction-Quality Rating Model to Engineering Companies' In:, Tommelein, I. D. & Pasquire, C. L., 20th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. San Diego, California, USA, 18-20 Jul 2012.

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