Tsao&Beikmann 2012 12 Meeting Facilitation Techniques to Improve Healthcare Design Development.pdf

Cynthia C.Y. Tsao1 & Bernita Beikmann2

1Research Affiliate, Lean Construction Institute, Brookline, MA, 02445, Phone +1 510/593-4884, [email protected]
2Associate Principal / Senior Vice President, HKS Inc., 1919 McKinney, Dallas, TX, 75201, Phone +1 214/969-5599, [email protected]


Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC) project development is complex when the work of many design and construction specialists is tightly coupled. Since it is inefficient for these specialists to be individually responsible for obtaining the input they need from others, project team leaders often rely on coordination meetings to facilitate the exchange of requests and information between specialists. Such coordination meetings are critical to lean projects because they provide a framework for clarifying and prioritizing stakeholder values, design and construction objectives, and constraints to design and construction work. To help the AEC industry improve its management of coordination meetings, we describe 12 meeting facilitation techniques used to improve coordination of design development on a current hospital project. These techniques enable project team leaders to view and manage coordination meetings as production systems and thus learn how to better manage the decision making process required for design development. We want this paper to inspire others to share their facilitation techniques and begin investigating their effectiveness to improve efforts in “coordinating the coordination meetings.”


Meeting Facilitation, Coordination Meetings, Healthcare Design Management, Lean Leadership, Big Room, Oobeya



Tsao, C. C. & Beikmann, B. 2012. Tsao&Beikmann 2012 12 Meeting Facilitation Techniques to Improve Healthcare Design Development.pdf, 20th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -. doi.org/

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