Production Control Using Location-Based Management System on a Hospital Construction Project

Tanmaya Kala1, Christopher Mouflard2 & Olli Seppänen3

1Assistant Project Manager, McCarthy Building Companies
2Project Engineer, Vico Software, Inc. [email protected]
3Postdoctoral Researcher, Aalto University and Vice President of Services, Vico Software Inc., [email protected]


Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling is currently the dominant scheduling system in use in construction. Location Based Management System (LBMS) is increasingly being used as an alternative in the US, particularly in hospital construction. The goal of this paper is to provide a critical evaluation of one such LBMS implementation by comparing it to a CPM implementation run in parallel. Three hypotheses drove this research. First, LBMS requires more person-hours than CPM to manage the schedule. Second, LBMS provides real-time information to make educated decisions about production control. Third, the subcontractors’ start dates are controlled better than their production rates. Both systems are currently being used on a 1 million GSF OSHPD hospital in Northern California. Standard task lists were used to compare the different scheduling time requirements. CPM and LBMS reports were then compared to analyze the different deliverables. Finally, LBMS production data was reviewed against CPM actuals and planned start dates to evaluate the most effective method of subcontractor scope management. The results indicate that more time is required to update the CPM compared to the LBMS schedule on the standard task list. However, CPM supports many legacy processes such as change management. Production rates were controlled better than start dates in this project, contrary to our hypothesis.


Location-Based Management Systems, CPM, flowline, Production Control



Kala, T. , Mouflard, C. & Seppänen, O. 2012. Production Control Using Location-Based Management System on a Hospital Construction Project, 20th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -.

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