Proof of Financial Viability of Designed Gypsum Through Value Stream Mapping

Georgeo Dias Fernandes1 & Tatiana G. do Amaral2

1Civil Engineer, EEC, GECON, UFG
2 Dr. Civil Engineer, EEC, GECON, UFG


The use of the lean production tool, that can be the Value Stream Mapping (VSM), intend to represent the steps of the execution of traditional internal plastering and also compare it with the Value Stream Mapping (VSM) of the process of internal plastering, using designed gypsum as a method of technological change and indicated as being innovative, rational, and of better standardization. The objective is to identify in the traditional plastering process the waste and its sources, reveal improvement opportunities, and provide a plan of implementation of an innovative technological process in explaining a future view and associating concepts and practices of lean production. In order to identify the activities of the traditional internal plastering walls system, it was carried out a data collection at a construction site of a residential building in course of construction in the city of Goiânia, at the State of Goiás-Brazil, done by the construction company HSI. From this point, it was developed a Value Stream Mapping (VSM) by the services done by the construction company and it was proposed a new VSM for the same construction service, but using the new technological process that is the designed gypsum. It was aimed to verify how much the implementation of the more rational and mechanized system of internal walls plastering, in this case, the designed gypsum, together with the study and application of the principles of the lean construction, can bring as benefit in terms of cost and income in replacement of the traditional plastering method.


Lean production, value stream mapping, lean thinking



Fernandes, G. D. & Amaral, T. G. 2012. Proof of Financial Viability of Designed Gypsum Through Value Stream Mapping, 20th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -.

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