Lean Construction Principles and Railway Maintenance Planning

Daria Ivina1 & Nils O.E. Olsson2

1PhD Student, Faculty of Engineering, LTH, Department of Technology and Society, Lund University, Transport and Roads, Box 118, 221 00 Lund, Sweden, [email protected], 0893-4129
2Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, 7491 Trondheim, Norway, [email protected],


Lean construction principles have been successfully adopted in a variety of industries to increase project management quality. This paper addresses maintenance planning in Sweden and analyses its effectiveness in the framework of lean construction principles. To investigate the status and improvement potential of maintenance contractors’ performance, the study focuses on the detailed planning process, which is mainly the responsibility of contractors. A literature review, a data analysis and interviews were used to reveal the possible barriers to the adaptation of lean principles to the maintenance industry. The study presents a developed theoretical framework for the analysing maintenance processes in the perspective of lean construction principles. We found that the application of lean principles has the potential for improvements in the planning process, but there are some barriers to effective implementation, including a lack of knowledge about lean principles at contractors’ sites.


Lean construction, railway maintenance, Last Planner® System, workflow, planning



Ivina, D. & Olsson, N. O. 2020. Lean Construction Principles and Railway Maintenance Planning, Proc. 28th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) , 577-588.

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