Lean Construction Education: Basic Management Functions Workshop

Jorge L. Izquierdo1, Mario Cerf2 & Santiago A. Gomez3

1Corporate Learning Center Manager, Graña y Montero; LCI (Peru) Chapter President, Av. Paseo de la República 4675, Lima, Peru. Mobile: +511 995951041, Phone: +511 2130444, [email protected]
2Industrial Engineer. Implementor, Project Management Area, GyM, Av. Paseo de la República 4675, Lima, Peru. Phone +511 2130444, [email protected]
3Civil Engineer. Investigations / Knowledge, Project Management Area, GyM, Av. Paseo de la República 4675, Lima, Peru. Phone +511 2130444, [email protected]


This paper aims to show that a five-day workshop designed to train young Engineers based on a teaching method inspired on the Toyota production system, are both very effective and highly significant. It develops seven Basic Functions of production management based firmly on the Lean Principles. The goal of the Basic Management Functions Workshop (BMFW) is to build in participants abilities in production management, a predictive capacity while carrying out tasks, a balance of workload, the identification of constraints and productivity. The above mentioned development is supplemented by project management tools such as cost control, progress monitoring, Lookahead and constraints analysis, all framed within the processes of planning, scheduling, analysis and monitoring of constraints and contract management. The overall goal is to increase the growth of the organization through a strictly people-based approach. It allows a fast alignment of new employees in the company, since there is a strong commitment to individual growth and awareness of the principles of the Lean Construction System, with a strong emphasis on the Client, based on the principles of “maximizing value” and “minimizing waste”. Based on past experiences of the workshop as part of the learning process within the company, there is no doubting for the authors that it has been a complete success, and could even be the first step towards a breakthrough in construction-related teaching in Peru.


Lean, education, basic functions, Socratic method, feedback.



Izquierdo, J. L. , Cerf, M. & Gomez, S. A. 2011, 'Lean Construction Education: Basic Management Functions Workshop' In:, Rooke, J. & Dave, B., 19th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. Lima, Peru, 13-15 Jul 2011.

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