Norwegian Project Managers and Foremen’s Experiences of Collaborative Planning

Sol Skinnarland1

1Researcher, Fafo, Institute for Labour and Social Research, P.O. Box 2947 Tøyen, 0608 Oslo, Norway, Phone +47 22088600, [email protected]


Many reports within in the Lean Construction literature have described positive effects of implementing the Last Planner system (LPS), such as increased reliability in planning, improved workflow reliability, and reduced time and waste. LPS has also affected human aspects as work has become more satisfying and challenging, and participants have become more enthusiastic in progression planning meetings. Reports show an increased use of each other's expertise, increased respect and collaboration both between trades and within hierarchical structures. Further positive effects are reportedly improved information sharing and communication, and improvements concerning tidying and cleaning which in turn increases efficiency. This paper reports from a research project based on implementing LPS in a Norwegian construction company. The Last Planner system was first implemented in 2008, in two pilot projects, and was subsequently implemented in a number of construction projects within the company. The aim of the study was to review the experiences of project managers and foremen, with the implementation LPS. Group interviews were conducted with 34 informants around questions concerning information and support, elements of LPS employed, effects and outcomes, challenges and drivers for future use of LPS. The findings noted above are largely supported in this paper. However, this paper offers a systematic review of recent practices and experiences within the context of a construction company in Norway. The informants were challenged to reflect upon the reasons for achieving effects and outcomes. These reflections shed light upon processes taking place.


Effects and outcomes, Lean construction, Last Planner system, Collaborative Planning.



Skinnarland, S. 2012. Norwegian Project Managers and Foremen’s Experiences of Collaborative Planning, 20th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -.

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