Whole-Building Measurement and Computing Science BIM for Lean Programming and Performance

Mark Sands1 & Tariq Sami Abdelhamid2

1President, Performance Building Institute, Rockford, MI 49341. Email: [email protected]
2Associate Professor, 552 West Circle Rm 214, School of Planning, Design and Construction, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1323. Email: [email protected]


The construction industry is poised to enter into an era of high performance and production by merging Lean Construction practices with comprehensive wholebuilding and systems measurement. W. Edwards Deming urged, “Train people to measure things and they will keep pushing their own standards to beat themselves.” To even have standards there must be a basis by which they are measured against. Comprehensive measurement systems must be instituted in order for the Lean Construction vision to be fully realized. To achieve this, sophisticated computing science applications are called for. This paper presents a vision for whole-building measurement integration into the different phases of Lean Project Delivery. A program-based BIM (Building Information Modeling) 3 system is developed to provide such a measurement application. This program-based BIM provides for the early planning and programing stages, what the geometric-based BIM systems provide for design. More than that, it provides total life-cycle cost simulation. With the adoption of standards from which to measure against, the construction industry will experience a re-training of the mind, as Deming proved in other industries. This re-training begins with top-down whole-building measurement in combination with bottom-up component and sub-system measurement. The computing science and modeling technology now exists and soon ready for market. The next need is data: both for baseline (business as usual) actual whole-building results, as well as benchmark (improvement) cause and effect claims.


Whole-Building Measurement, Performance Measurement, Lean Programming, Benchmarking, Performance Baselines, Program-based BIM



Sands, M. & Abdelhamid, T. S. 2012. Whole-Building Measurement and Computing Science BIM for Lean Programming and Performance, 20th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -. doi.org/

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