A Review of the Standardized Work Application in Construction

Renato Nunes Mariz1, Flávio Augusto Picchi2, Ariovaldo Denis Granja3 & Reymard Savio Sampaio de Melo4

1Ms.C. Candidate, renatonunesmariz@ hotmail.com School of Civil Engineering of University of Campinas (FEC- UNICAMP) and GTE (Construction Management and Technology Research Group)
2Professor, Civil Engineering, [email protected] (FEC- UNICAMP) and GTE ; Director of the Lean Institute Brasil (LIB)
3Prof. Dr., Civil Engineering, [email protected] Campinas (FEC- UNICAMP) and GTE
4Ph.D. Student, [email protected] (FEC- UNICAMP) and GTE


The utilization of standardized work in manufacturing has achieved many benefits, thus motivating researchers to apply them in the construction environment. The aim of this research is to identify gaps that involve standardized work applications inserted in the construction environment. We adopted a literature review approach focusing on studies in construction sector that addressed standardized work applications. Subsequently, comparative tables of these publications were prepared and analyzed. Finally, opportunities to apply the standardized work elements, documents and tools in future works were identified. The article points out that there is a shortage in publications that address the application of these elements and tools in construction. From the construction flow analysis, we observed that almost all papers were applying job site flow. Standardized work elements analysis pointed out that the three elements (takt time, sequence and work in process) should be applied in the same process. The analysis of standardized work tools and documents showed that some documents have not been utilized in construction, they are: production capacity sheet, Standardized Work Chart and verification process sheet. We also realized a lack of a method to implement the standardized work in construction. This paper contributes to standardized work expansion in construction environment by utilizing its elements, documents and tools.


Standardized work, Lean thinking, Construction.



Mariz, R. N. , Picchi, F. A. , Granja, A. D. & Melo, R. S. S. 2012. A Review of the Standardized Work Application in Construction, 20th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -. doi.org/

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