Decision Analysis Using Virtual First-Run Study of a Viscous Damping Wall System

Hung V. Nguyen1, Baris Lostuvali2 & Iris D. Tommelein3

1PhD Candidate, Civil and Envir. Engrg. Department, 407 McLaughlin Hall, Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-1712, USA, [email protected]
2Senior Project Manager, HerreroBoldt, CPMC Cathedral Hill Hospital Project, 633 Folsom Street, 6th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94107, Phone +1 415/762-7432, [email protected]
3Director, Project Production Systems Laboratory and Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, 215-A McLaughlin Hall, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-1712, Phone +1 510/643-8678, FAX +1 510/643-8919, [email protected]


Although Building Information Modeling (BIM) practices such as 3D modeling, 4D simulation, clash detection, model-based analysis, model-based scheduling and estimating have been widely utilized by the A/E/C industry, there is insufficient guidance on the application of BIM to assist the team in integrating product design and process design to meet target value in an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) environment. This paper investigates the possibility of performing a virtual first-run study (VFRS) during a project’s design phase. VFRS is a first-run study carried out in a virtual environment, where objects of study are created in a computer model in three dimensions, and those objects are linked to process and resource data to represent the process of construction. The paper describes a case study of employing VFRS, process mapping, and Choosing By Advantages to choose a method for the installation of Viscous Damping Walls at the Cathedral Hill Hospital Project in San Francisco. The paper concludes by proposing an integrated framework for the efficient application of VFRS to support project teams on constructability review, construction planning, and operation design.


Virtual first-run study (vfrs), bim, work structuring, choosing by advantages.



Nguyen, H. V. , Lostuvali, B. & Tommelein, I. D. 2009. Decision Analysis Using Virtual First-Run Study of a Viscous Damping Wall System, 17th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 371-382.

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