Standardization of Fossil-Fuel Power Plant Projects According to Lean Construction Principles

M. Hamedi1, Z. Sharafi2 & A. Ashraf-Modarres3

1Mapna Group Research and Development, Tehran, Iran, [email protected] Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran
2Mapna Group Research and Development, Tehran, Iran, [email protected]
3Mapna Group Research and Development, Tehran, Iran, [email protected]


The peculiarities of construction industry cause many none-added value activities that reduce the efficiency of construction projects. These activities are real threats to corporate success and sustained growth. Therefore becoming lean and improving overall performance is indispensible in today's competitive market. Construction of fossil-fuel power plants is a complicated task susceptible to including many non-added value activities. So survival and growth in such industries is hardly achievable without having a new paradigm to execution of these projects. This paper discusses application of lean construction principles (LCP) into fossil-fuel power-plant projects in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) phases. Partial implementation of LCP in engineering phase is achieved through standardization of design process. Consequently manufacturing power-plant main equipments that were considered a make-to-order (MOD) task has been changed to a make-to-stock (MOS) activity which greatly improves quality and reduces cost and lead time in manufacturing. Further work is being pursued to utilize LCP in preparing for construction and building power plants islands. The paper discusses a case study in MAPNA Group which involves quantification of LCP utilization in various power-plant activities and the way it has improved overall corporate performance in these projects. Finally it is shown how gained benefits are transferred as value to customers.


Lean construction, standardization, fossil-fuel power plant projects.



Hamedi, M. , Sharafi, Z. & Ashraf-Modarres, A. 2009, 'Standardization of Fossil-Fuel Power Plant Projects According to Lean Construction Principles' In:, Cuperus, Y. & Hirota, E. H., 17th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction. Taipei, Taiwan, 15-17 Jul 2009. pp 31-42

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