Prospects for Implementing Last Planner in the Construction Industry

Fredrik Friblick1, Veronica Olsson2 & Joakim Reslow3

1Assistant prof, Department of Industrial management and logistics, Lund university and CEO Prolog Construction Logistics, Sweden, Phone +46 704 930 561, [email protected]
2Civil engineer, Prolog Bygglogistik AB, Malmö, Sweden, Phone +46 736 218 173, FAX +46 40 122 367, [email protected]
3Civil, engineer, Prolog Bygglogistik AB, Malmö, Sweden, Phone +46 708 211 797, FAX +46 40 122 367, [email protected]


This paper presents, from a lean construction perspective, the results of a national study about production planning, involving building companies in Sweden. Collection of information includes field studies, an electronical survey and interviews with project managers and site managers. As a result of gathered information, common means regarding planning projects is being presented, as well as a compilation of the planners’ requirements and desideratums. Lean construction is discussed in the relation to results showing that the respondents were unfamiliar with theories about planning e.g. the Last Planner system. Many of the approached respondents in the study are of the opinion that their planning knowledge is insufficient and that they are in need of education in order to improve their planning ability, resulting in more profitable projects. Also, the study shows a desire to involve more people in the planning activities, such as physical workers and subcontractors. The will to improve the planning process in combination with a desire to involve more personnel are distinctive conditions to raise the industries knowledge about Last Planner.


Production planning, Last Planner, survey, interviews, Sweden, subcontractors, physical workers.



Friblick, F. , Olsson, V. & Reslow, J. 2009. Prospects for Implementing Last Planner in the Construction Industry, 17th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 197-206.

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