The Use of System Dynamics Modelling in Improving Construction Safety

Thanwadee Chinda1

1PhD, School of Management Technology, Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University, Bangkadi, Pathumthani, Thailand, Phone +66-2-5013505 ext.2111, [email protected]


The construction project has a predetermined date of delivery, is subject to one or several performance goals, and consists of a number of complex activities. These characteristics make the construction industry one of the most hazardous industries, resulting in high rates of accidents. The main cause of construction accidents is viewed as the direct result of having a poor safety culture. Much attention has been paid to organizational safety culture, and to the development of tools for monitoring its health, in order to identify areas for safety improvement. This paper aims to develop the construction safety culture (CSC) dynamic model, utilizing the system dynamics (SD) modeling, to capture the interactions among key factors of CSC over a period of time. The CSC index, developed through SD modeling, is used to measure the level of CSC maturity, and identify areas for safety improvement. Furthermore, dynamic simulations for two organizations are performed, and simulation results are investigated. The organizations could also perform a number of policy experiments to underline areas for safety improvement, and select the best policy that matches its situation.


Construction industry, CSC dynamic model, CSC improvement, CSC index, policy experiments.



Chinda, T. 2009. The Use of System Dynamics Modelling in Improving Construction Safety, 17th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 91-100.

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