Lean-in- Nigerian Construction: State, Barriers, Strategies and “Go-Togemba” Approach

Joseph Oladiran Olatunji1

1Lecturer, Department of Building, University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos, Nigeria. Phone +2348035613467; [email protected]


Lean-in-Construction, which is alien to Nigerian construction process, offers valuable techniques to manage construction at improved workflows and minimal waste generation. This paper therefore examines the exportation of lean to the Nigerian construction process by exploring the practitioners’ extent of knowledge and scope of application of lean techniques. However, the survey research involving ten companies via quota sampling technique and personal interviews is based on Toyota production principles only i.e. lean production. The paper reveals key strategies for absorption of lean with approaches to build and improve on JIT and concurrent design and construction in Nigeria. It therefore recommends these suggested-strategies for the entrenchment of lean in Nigerian construction process to combat waste generations and enhance workflows.


lean production, Nigeria, construction, barriers, approaches, waste minimization



Olatunji, J. O. 2008. Lean-in- Nigerian Construction: State, Barriers, Strategies and “Go-Togemba” Approach, 16th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 287-297. doi.org/

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