Last Planner in a Social Perspective – A Shipbuilding Case

Sigmund Aslesen1 & Sven Bertelsen2

1Researcher, Fafo Institute for labour and social research, P.O. Box 2947 Töyen, 0608 Oslo, Norway, Phone +47 2208 8669, [email protected]
2External lecturer, Danish Technical University, Roennebaervej 10, 2840 Holte, Denmark, Phone +45 4542 4705, [email protected]


This paper addresses the implementation and use of Last Planner System for production control to improve workflow reliability in a Norwegian shipyard. The paper clarifies the adjustments made to adapt this system and particularly stresses the difficulties and challenges faced during the transformation from a rational operationoriented to a process-oriented approach to production planning and control. The paper suggests that to benefit from employing Last Planner, making a system of collaborative improvement must be part of it. More generally, the paper is a first step to a deeper understanding of why Last Planner works from a sociological point of view and in investigating its application to other types of project production.


production control, project production, people, culture and change, last planner



Aslesen, S. & Bertelsen, S. 2008. Last Planner in a Social Perspective – A Shipbuilding Case, 16th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 333-344.

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