Medium-Term Planning: Constributions Based on Field Application

Sergio L. Kemmer1, Luis F.M. Heineck2, Marcos de V. Novaes3, Carlos Alexandre M.A. Mourao4 & Thais da C.L. Alves5

1Lean Initiative Coordinator, Construtora C. Rolim Engenharia Ltda., [email protected]
2Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Production Engineering, Federal University of CearĂ¡
3Construction Manager, Construtora C. Rolim Engenharia Ltda., [email protected]
4Procurement Manager, Construtora C. Rolim Engenharia Ltda., [email protected]
5Assistant Professor, Department of Structures and Construction Engineering, Federal University of CearĂ¡, Fortaleza, Brazil, [email protected]


The literature on lookahead planning suggests that there are six major functions embedded on its scope, i.e., shielding production, integration between long- and shortterm planning, controlling and learning, management of physical flows, cost control, and safety planning and control. Based on the literature, this paper presents a case study on the implementation of medium-term planning, a.k.a., lookahead planning, developed in a 8.758,80 m2 multi-storey residential building in the city of Fortaleza, Northeast of Brazil. Differently from other papers on this topic, the authors present a descriptive case study, based on field experience, not a prescriptive one. Recommendations provided by the literature were used to implement concepts related to lookahead planning. This paper presents evidence on how medium-term planning was firmly established as a managerial routine six months after its initial implementation and describes how the literature recommendations were put in practice. The authors also found out opportunities for improvement, e.g., constraints identified at the medium-term level had not been defined precisely resulting on low levels of task completion at the operational level. The paper concludes with recommendations based on how the company investigated has been able to sustain and improve practices related to medium-term planning.


Planning, medium-term planning, constraints analysis.



Kemmer, S. L. , Heineck, L. F. , Novaes, M. V. , Mourao, C. A. M. & Alves, T. C. 2007. Medium-Term Planning: Constributions Based on Field Application, 15th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 509-518.

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