Learning Lean Through Lean Game - A Case From the Infrastructure Industry

Fredrik Friblick1, Anna Akesson2 & Anton Leigard3

1Department of logistics, University of Lund, Sweden, Phone +46 704 930 561, FAX +46 46 222 46 15, [email protected]
2Prolog Construction Logistics, Malmö, Sweden, Phone +46 708 189 828, FAX +46 40 122 367, [email protected]
3Prolog Construction Logistics, Malmö, Sweden, Phone +46 704 676 292, FAX +46 40 122 367, [email protected]


Lean games can be a successful way to introduce Lean thinking but identifying and removing learning barriers in the games are important for successful quality learning that supports individual Lean thinking and behaviour after playing the game. FIA– Renewing in the infrastructure industry, developed a Lean game for educating all their members in Lean production. The game was initially influenced by the Buckingham Lean Game and then adjusted to fit an infrastructure production process. Focus in the design process and when playing the game is on breaking barriers and making the learners, learn through reflection. The game addresses basic Lean principles and tools such as; process design, eliminating waste concerning for example materials and space, push Vs pull, kanban card, kaizen and performance measurement. When this paper is written the Lean game InFrame has been played half a dozen times and so far no quantitative results can be presented. However, three levels of reflection can be distinguished. Facing learning barriers when meeting practitioners in the construction industry is a critical issue for learning. However, games as a first introduction to Lean for practitioners is a rather undiscovered field of research and need more attention in the future. Further development and research need to focus on what do learners bring from playing Lean games and how can the learning environment for practitioners be improved.


Learning, Game development, Lean applied on infrastructure production, Process design, Continuous improvements.



Friblick, F. , Akesson, A. & Leigard, A. 2007. Learning Lean Through Lean Game - A Case From the Infrastructure Industry, 15th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 475-484. doi.org/

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