Construction Supply Chain Maturity Model - Conceptual Framework

Kalyan Vaidyanathan1 & Gregory Howell2

1Senior Product Line Manager, i2 Technologies. 4 Cambridge Center, 4th Floor, Cambridge, MA 02142, Phone +1 617/551-2780, FAX 617/761-2674, [email protected]
2Managing Director, Lean Construction Institute. 625 Main St 1B, Louisville, CO 80027, Phone +1 303/408-1098, [email protected]


Construction supply chain management has been researched and discussed in various academic and industry segments for a few years now. Members of FIATECH are discussing and defining the processes, standards, and schemas around construction supply chain management. There is a growing realization among the members of the AEC community of the need to remove inefficiencies in the construction supply chain and improve operational excellence, but the steps to achieve them is not clear. In this paper, the authors will present a conceptual framework of construction supply chain maturity model (CSCMM) to address the above issues, drawing on similar research done in manufacturing supply chains and software processes. The objective of the framework will be to provide a roadmap for members to realizing operational excellence so that collectively the construction project can realize the benefits of improved performance. This paper will explore the maturity model and its benefits to performance of both firm level and construction project level performance.


Maturity model, Construction supply chain management.



Vaidyanathan, K. & Howell, G. 2007. Construction Supply Chain Maturity Model - Conceptual Framework, 15th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 170-180.

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