How to Promote Off-Site Fabrication Practice of Rebar in Turkey?

Gul Polat1 & Glenn Ballard2

1Assistant Professor, Construction Management Program, Department of Civil Engineering, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, Tel: +90-212-285-3737; Fax: +90-212-285-6587; E-mail: [email protected]
2Research Director, Lean Construction Institute, 4536 Fieldbrook Road, Oakland, CA 94619. 510/530-8656, [email protected]; Associate Adjunct Professor, Project & Engineering Mgmt. Group, Dept. of Civil and Env. Eng., University of California at Berkeley; and Principal, Strategic Project Solutions.


The authors have previously explored the practices of Turkish contractors in a series of papers, using rebar as the focal point. The exploratory studies have revealed a very complex socio- technical-economic system in play, the upshot of which is that performance is far from lean. This paper looks at the problem as representative of those faced by the construction industries in developing countries. First the system elements and dynamics are described, using force field analysis as the organizing tool. Then proposals are made for moving the industry toward lean construction practices, including optimal use of off site fabrication.


rebar, off-site fabrication, barriers, improvement suggestions, Turkish construction industry



Polat, G. & Ballard, G. 2006. How to Promote Off-Site Fabrication Practice of Rebar in Turkey?, 14th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 279-290.

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