Real Time Performance Information System Using Mobile Phone

Yoshitaka Nakagawa1

1Dr. Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Engineering Division, Toyo University


The author explained the importance of standard operating procedure documents and visualization in order to implement lean construction in IGCL12 and 13. PPC chart and Table of Reason for Failure are important tools in order to execute standard operation and visualization. But the information is often not in real time, not precise and not shared with the foreman, staff of site and head offices of both the contractor and subcontractors. In order to improve these shortcomings, author is developing real time performance information system using mobile telephone. This paper first explains if we have real time performance information of the work and reason of the performance, we can easily eliminate waste in order to pursue the perfection of construction work flow. The idea of this system came from POS system of convenience store._Then the author shows how the real time information of each merchandise item at a convenience store is used and how it is determined whether an item sold well or poorly. The real time performance information system on construction site using mobile phone now under development is explained. Finally, the author explains the examples and effects of eliminating waste using mobile phone system.


Lean Construction, Real Time Performance Information System, Mobile Phone, PPC



Nakagawa, Y. 2006. Real Time Performance Information System Using Mobile Phone, 14th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 331-339.

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