What Should Project Management Be Based On?

Gregory Howell1 & Hal Macomber2

1Managing Director, Lean Construction Institute, 625 Main Street 1B, Louisville, CO 80027, +1-303-408-1098. [email protected] (Also Partner, Lean Project Consulting)
2Partner, Lean Project Consulting, 36 Kirkland Drive, Andover, MA 01810. +1-978-470-8994. [email protected].


Projects historically have been defined as temporary undertakings carried out by a single purpose organization. Projects and their management can be described and portrayed from a variety of perspectives, each founded on some conceptual basis, hiding or revealing various aspects, and opening or closing some possibilities for action. This paper joins the continuing exploration about the nature of projects and their management. The power of lean approaches in the materiel/information domain is well established and rests on solid conceptual foundations. In this paper we explore projects as human endeavors and how our humanity with all its capacities and limits opens possibilities for improvement.


Project management, Theory, Language Action Perspective



Howell, G. & Macomber, H. 2006. What Should Project Management Be Based On?, 14th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 41-50. doi.org/

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