10 Statements on Production and Construction Theory

Trond Bølviken1

1Director, Business Development and Strategy, Veidekke Entreprenør AS, Postboks 506 Skøyen, N-0214 Oslo, [email protected] (Veidekke Entreprenør AS is a Norwegian subsidiary of Veidekke ASA, one of the major Scandinavian construction and real-estate-development companies)


Koskela sees production as the production of value through a flow of transformations. He analyses peculiarities characterizing the construction industry, and advocates elimination and mitigation strategies in order to reduce the disadvantages related to these peculiarities. This paper sees industrialised production as production of commodities through a flow of transformations. The commodities are seen as having dual character, possessing both use- value and price (exchange value). Within “the Lean Construction – movement” the understanding and examination of the commercial dimensions of construction is far behind the understanding of more technical or organisational issues like planning and scheduling. The commodity-term, distinguishing between the use- and monetary value-dimensions, should also be able to contribute to a better understanding of the commercial dimensions of construction. A specific industry is characterized by its specific peculiarities. This means that the existence of peculiarities is not something that is specific only to the construction industry, but which is found in all industries. As a consequence, elimination and mitigation of peculiarities in order to reduce disadvantages can no longer be seen as sufficient strategies. This paper also sees peculiarities as a potential advantage, and advocates strategies where these potential advantages are explored.




Bølviken, T. 2006. 10 Statements on Production and Construction Theory, 14th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 67-73. doi.org/

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