Evaluation of a GPS Support System for Fleet Management Control

Peter Simonsson1 & Jonas Carlswärd2

1MSc., Department of Civ. and Env. Eng., Technical University of Luleå, 971 87, Luleå, Sweden, Phone +46 (0)920-491000, [email protected]
2MSc., Betongindustri AB, Liljeholmsvägen 30, 100 74 Stockholm, Sweden, Phone +46(0)86256200, [email protected]


Delivery precision and fleet optimisation are highly prioritised within the ready mix concrete industry. Introducing a Global Positioning System (GPS) for logistic steering and planning provides a tool to make improvements on these areas. Such a system is presently under evaluation at a ready mix concrete supplier in Stockholm, Sweden. The system consists of GPS receivers in the trucks that send relevant information via the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) net to a server. A direct effect of implementing a GPS system is that the plants and the order central will be able to better control the whereabouts of the concrete trucks. As a result it will be possible to decrease the waste time at the plants. Another result is that the ratio of usage of concrete trucks will increase, leading to cut-downs in the truck fleet. It is further believed that the lead-time at work sites can be reduced as the delivery precision is improved. By eventually letting the contractor be a part of the system the possibilities for a good production planning at the work site will increase and the non-value adding activities will decrease due to reduced waiting time. The article presents findings from a pilot study in Stockholm, Sweden. An important ambition is to find out if the system gives the expected benefits. The customer value is evaluated through interviews and time measurements.


GPS system, Waste time, Fleet optimisation, Non-value adding activities, Pilot Study, Production



Simonsson, P. & Carlswärd, J. 2005. Evaluation of a GPS Support System for Fleet Management Control, 13th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 179-186. doi.org/

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