Preplanning: A Rewarding Experience

Virgilio A. Ghio1, Ernesto Valle2 & Leonardo Rischmoller3

1Virgilio A. Ghio is with CVG Construction Engineers, Camino Real 1225, Of. 302, Lima, Peru.
2Ernesto Valle is with Vainsa Engineering and Construction, Napoleon 3010, Of. 51A, Santiago, Chile.
3Leonardo Rischmoller is a Graduate Student in Construction Engineering and Management, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Casilla 306, Santiago, Chile.


This paper describes the methodology and results obtained after productivity improvement work conducted on two consecutive building construction jobs. The first one was used to evaluate production rates and productivity, current construction methods, potentials and lacks of construction equipment, current construction planning methodology, and existing tools to asses productivity. These are briefly discussed in this paper. The second job was preplanned based on the experience and detailed documentation obtained in the first one. Work was conducted in order to “design” construction methods in detail, develop a detailed production planning based on the construction methods developed, select crew components and select their specific tasks, and design communication and control tools. Although the second job’s schedule and budget were originally calculated using standard methods (i.e. historical production rates), new schedule and budget were calculated based on the preplanning effort. Construction performance was measured against these values.


preplanning, construction performance, productivity



Ghio, V. A. , Valle, E. & Rischmoller, L. 1997. Preplanning: A Rewarding Experience , 5th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 115-120.

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