Integrated Scheduling Platform Based on BIM and Lean Construction

Carolyne Filion1, Fernando Valdivieso2 & Ivanka Iordanova3

1 Innovation Director – R&D and Special Projects, Pomerleau Inc., 500 St-Jacques, Montréal, Canada, [email protected],
22 Innovation Manager–APEX & Civil Operations, Pomerleau Inc., 500 St-Jacques, Montréal, Canada, [email protected] ,
3Professor, Département de Génie de la Construction, École de Technologie Supérieure (ETS), Montréal, Canada, [email protected] ,


This paper presents an integrated scheduling platform (ISP) that was developed and implemented on a major health care construction project. This ISP incorporates both BIM and Lean Construction and provides a framework for developing the master schedule and the detailed schedule, as well as for monitoring the progress of on-site work. Although numerous studies present the advantages of integrating Lean Construction and BIM use, few on-site results have been quantified and published to date. This research therefore aims to identify and evaluate the impacts of using the ISP, as assessed by individuals who work on a construction site. The results obtained through interviews and questionnaires proved that using the ISP, was very positive for the project. Three major benefits were identified during the case study: planning was diligently updated, the information presented in the 3D models and in the visual schedules was always up to date and accurate, and all project stakeholders understood the schedule—which finally led to excellent project performance.


Building Information Modeling, Construction Planning, Lean Construction, Visual Schedule, Takt Planning



Filion, C. , Valdivieso, F. & Iordanova, I. 2022. Integrated Scheduling Platform Based on BIM and Lean Construction, Proc. 30th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) , 949-960.

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