Developing Project Value Attributes: A Proposed Process for Value Delivery on Construction Projects

Salam Khalife1, Seyyedbehrad Emadi2, Deon Wilner3 & Farook Hamzeh4

1 Ph.D. Candidate, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, [email protected],
2Ph.D., Universitat Polit├Ęcnica De Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain, [email protected],
3Project Manager, IPD practitioner, ISL Engineering and Land Services Ltd., Edmonton, Canada, [email protected],
4Associate Professor, Hole School of Construction Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada, [email protected],


Increasing efforts are being made by lean researchers and practitioners to improve value delivery in the built environment. However, the preliminary process to identify a substantiated list constituting the interests, desires, requirements, and design essentials of different stakeholders on projects is still vague and unorganized. Establishing the Value Attributes List (VAL) is considered fundamental for delivering value. Thus, to answer the question of how to develop the VAL, a set of guidelines and steps are provided. The process was constructed by performing action research and engaging two case studies depicting two Canadian public projects. This paper also provides a generic list of value attributes to be the starting point for the project team. The list included the major categories to be considered on projects. Findings suggested that developing a customized team-led list is particularly important and pursuing a clear direction on the subsequent steps for monitoring is required. The research concludes that an in-house advocate is needed to (1) promote the process and move it onward, and (2) to make sure the whole team and project stakeholders understand the importance of these value discussions.


Design management, benefits realization, collaboration, value delivery, value creation.



Khalife, S. , Emadi, S. , Wilner, D. & Hamzeh, F. 2022. Developing Project Value Attributes: A Proposed Process for Value Delivery on Construction Projects, Proc. 30th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) , 913-924.

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