Building Quality Builders: Lessons Learned From Scaling a Companywide Training

Paz Arroyo1, Emilee Hinsley2, Ralph Romayor3, JD Nelson4, Raj Komuravelli5, Ellie Holland6, Robert Tolle7 & Stephen Tern8

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The fundamental purpose of this paper is to detail how a companywide educational training program has escalated in the USA and Europe in under 3 years' time. Details will include the many challenges faced throughout the process of developing the training structure and content, applying continuous improvement processes that are based off collaborative and integrated efforts, while simultaneously preparing new facilitators and maintaining program relevancy to the company culture and mission. The new virtual environment imposed by ever changing COVID-19 policies has created both challenges and innovative opportunities for the development of workplace training programs. The content of this paper builds on Arroyo and Gomez (2021) where the development of DPR Construction’s Building Quality Builders (BQB) program was first explained and documented. The content of this document’s focus will be aimed at voicing the escalating challenges, improved strategies, and trained facilitator perspectives that were utilized and shared to aid in the continued improvements of the Building Quality Builders training program. The depth of this research includes: the escalation process, communicating lessons learned within learning platforms, facilitator training, training impacts and ideas for improvement from the perspective of those who are performing the work.




Arroyo, P. , Hinsley, E. , Romayor, R. , Nelson, J. , Komuravelli, R. , Holland, E. , Tolle, R. & Tern, S. 2022. Building Quality Builders: Lessons Learned From Scaling a Companywide Training, Proc. 30th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) , 854-865.

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