CBA as a Differentiator to Win Projects in Pursuit: A Case Study

Paz Arroyo1, Annett Schöttle2, Randi Christensen3 & Chad Arthur4

1Quality Leader DPR Construction, San Francisco, CA. [email protected]
2Partner & Head of refine cell Munich, Refine Project AG, [email protected]
3Sustainability Director, COWI, [email protected]
4Design Manager, DPR Construction, Sacramento, CA. [email protected]


This paper presents a case study where a Design and Construction project team, general contractor and architect were asked to use Choosing By Advantages (CBA) during the pursuit phase of the project. The paper describes how the design and construction project team implemented CBA throughout the project pursuit, including details surrounding the team’s preparation and decisions developed during confidential conversations with the Owner. Ultimately the team implemented CBA when selecting the structural system, external facade, and the project programming. The researchers integrated the Owner's perspective to understand the motive(s) to utilize the CBA decision making method, why they chose the winning team, and the ways CBA methodologies were implemented beyond the project pursuit phase. This paper presents unique viewpoints, from both the project team and Owner’s, on the benefits of using CBA during project pursuit and beyond. The aim of sharing this case study is to inspire more owners to request the use of the CBA method at the start of the project. Choosing By Advantages simplifies the internal decision-making process, which many team find as a challenge. CBA allows for project teams to approach owners with a decision-making process that allows for optimal owner feedback leading to productivity and clarity within the phases of the project.


Choosing by advantages, pursuit, collaboration, decision-making



Arroyo, P. , Schöttle, A. , Christensen, R. & Arthur, C. 2022. CBA as a Differentiator to Win Projects in Pursuit: A Case Study, Proc. 30th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) , 844-854.

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