Employee’s Mental Wellbeing With Reference to IEQ and Managerial Environment in Office Spaces

Shubham Ashok Padia1, Ami Divatia2 & Durga Saripally3

1VDC Project Engineer at vConstruct Private Limited and Post-Graduate student from CEPT University, India, +91- 8401683451, [email protected]
2Freelance Researcher consultant and Visiting Faculty, CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India, +91 – 9898246887, [email protected]
3Operations Manager, vConstruct Private Limited, Pune, India, +91- 8446001611, [email protected]


Pre-corona the economy flourished but number of employees suffering from mental-wellbeing issues was rising. This set the stage for understanding the relationship between workplace mental-wellbeing, Indoor environment quality and Managerial Environment. As employees are a significant expenditure for companies, human-centric design and workplace optimization is gaining ground. WHO reported that the costs incurred on the global economy because of depression and anxiety was estimated as 1- trillion US dollars per-annum in lost productivity in 2019. This lost in cost and productivity can be considered as waste which can be eliminated by using Lean construction to optimize the workplace environment. Therefore, the main research question here was to know that to what extent the IEQ parameters and Managerial Environment, relate to mental wellbeing while working at corporate office spaces. Employees of diverse scale firms of Ahmedabad were considered. A mixed-research methodology was being adopted and data was collected by means of a questionnaire survey and interviews. Data analysis was done with the help of descriptive and inferential statistics of the survey and coping strategies were noted with the help of interviews. This study would be a thirst area for a balanced work-environment considering the physical, social, and mental wellbeing of the employees.


Lean construction; safety, quality, health; waste; mental wellbeing; workplace optimization.



Padia, S. A. , Divatia, A. & Saripally, D. 2022. Employee’s Mental Wellbeing With Reference to IEQ and Managerial Environment in Office Spaces, Proc. 30th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) , 623-634.

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