The Synergies Between Lean and BIM: A Practical and Theoretical Comparison

Gabriela Linhares Landim1, Larissa de Moraes Rocha2, Rebeca Nara Nogueira3 & José de P. Barros Neto4

1M.Sc. Candidate, Fed. Univ. of Ceará, [email protected],
2M.Sc. Candidate, Fed. Univ. of Ceará, [email protected], 0000-0002-3058-3900
3M.Sc. Candidate, Fed. Univ. of Ceará, [email protected],
4Professor, Dept. of Acad. and Technol. Integ., Fed. Univ. of Ceará, Fortaleza/Brazil, [email protected],


Lean and BIM combined have proven to positively impact productivity in the construction sector. This paper aims to identify how the synergies between Lean and BIM have been happening in practical and real-life applications and compare them with the Sacks et al. (2010) matrix, using the information on processes of Brazilian construction companies that work with Lean and BIM. We carried out semi-structured interviews with three construction companies to identify the interactions between Lean and BIM in their processes. As a result, we identified synergies in both Sacks et al. (2010) and the construction companies' practices; other synergies were identified only in Sacks et al. (2010), while others were identified only in the companies interviewed. These new interactions may be due to the technological advances during the last decade that made possible new uses of BIM or the level of implementation of Lean and BIM by companies, amongst other factors. This work contributes to technical and scientific knowledge since it brings a practical view of a topic that has a more theoretical approach. With the results, we can indicate the more common interactions to be implemented by companies, creating a safer way to be followed by companies seeking to implement Lean and BIM.


Building Information Modeling, Lean Construction, BIM and Lean Interaction Matrix, synergy.



Landim, G. L. , Rocha, L. M. , Nogueira, R. N. & Neto, J. P. B. 2022. The Synergies Between Lean and BIM: A Practical and Theoretical Comparison, Proc. 30th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) , 611-622.

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