The Relantionship Between Strategy and Lean Construction

Jose de Paula Barros Neto1

1Civil Engineer; Doctor in Administration; Professor at Federal University of Ceará; Address: R. Coronel Jucá, 1612/401 Fortaleza/CE – Brazil - CEP: 60.170-320; E-mail: [email protected]


Lean construction is a philosophy that has been implemented in building firms around the world, in last years. But it is important to answer some questions: Will this implementation be the better alternative to these firms, in this moment? Will it be the best way to implement the principles of lean construction? Will the implementation of lean construction help firms to improve their competitiveness and success? What is the relationship between market and lean construction? Helping answering these questions is the aim of this paper, since it is necessary to introduce strategic aspects in the discussions about lean construction because firms are not isolated in the market. They have customers, labor force, competitors and other stakeholders that influence the performance of the organizations and consequently in the introduction of lean construction. This paper is a theoretical proposal that intend to show the importance of linkage between the implementation of lean construction and market aspects and, consequently, to stimulate and to facilitate the introduction of these principles in building firms.


Strategic planning; Lean construction; Small firms.



Neto, J. P. B. 2002. The Relantionship Between Strategy and Lean Construction, 10th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -.

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