Visual Management Standard of the Reinforcement Steel Process in Mexico.

Fernando Daniel Lazcano Hernández1, Eugenio Pellicer Armiña2 & Salvador García Rodríguez3

1 Doctoral student, Programa de Doctorado en Infraestructuras de Transporte y Territorio, Universitat Politécnica of Valencia (UPV), [email protected] ; Research Professor, School of Civil Engineering, Engineer Faculty, Benemérita Autonomous University of Puebla, México, [email protected],
2Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, España, [email protected]
3Tecnologico de Monterrey, campus Monterrey, México, [email protected]


The importance of standardizing processes is one of the basic principles of "Lean" practices, it reduces the workload for the Construction Industry. It is important, particularly because of its artisanal process in Mexico. We can ask ourselves, how to adapt the standard with Visual Lean Management of a steel reinforcement work process that is used in Housing in the Construction Industry in Mexico? This attempt is still in its infancy, that is, the vast majority of the processes are not standardized. The studied process is based on the Mexican competency standard ECO-351-Manufacture of structural elements with reinforcing steel, as a spearhead to standardize the processes, of the concepts in general of the construction, to close the entire work cycle of the work, this article aims to highlight the importance and promote standardization, always seeking continuous improvement of the process by the user, but with a visual management approach (VM), so that production workers understand it faster and easier ; it was carried out through the cycle of continuous improvement of Deming (PDCA).


Standardization, Visual Management, Lean Construction, Continuous Improvement



Hernández, F. D. L. , Armiña, E. P. & Rodríguez, S. G. 2022. Visual Management Standard of the Reinforcement Steel Process in Mexico., Proc. 30th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) , 516-527.

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