Scrum Complementing Last Planner System – a Case Study

William Power1, Dr Derek Sinnott2 & Dr Patrick Lynch3

1Productivity & Performance Manager, DPS Group, 4 Eastgate Avenue, Eastgate Business Park, Little Island, Co. Cork, Ireland T45 YR13 [email protected] +353217305000 ORCID-0000- 0001-5791-846X
2Senior Lecturer, South East Technological University, Waterford, Ireland, [email protected] ORCID-0000-0003-3969-8699
3Lecturer, South East Technological University, Waterford, Ireland, [email protected] ORCID0000-0002-5406-38


Scrum emerged from the software sector and has been identified as a novel methodology that is radically different from traditional project management teaching. However, there is a paucity of data from real life case studies that affirm Scrum can benefit construction execution. This paper reports on a 20-week Scrum implementation across seven teams on a construction project that must achieve a critical building weathertight milestone. The study adopted a mixed-methods approach utilising case study design and data collected from a literature review, project documentation review, direct observation, purposeful semi-structured interviews, and a focus group workshop. Scrum complements Last Planner® System (LPS) implementations and bringsspecific benefits at point of work execution by reducing weekly missed tasks resulting in increased and more reliable Planned Percent Complete (PPC). An 11 percent increase in average PPC accrued from utilising Scrum to complement LPS by reducing reasons for noncompletion (RNC) of work tasks at crew level work interfaces. Additional softer benefits in the form of enhanced inter-trade communications and collaboration, as well as greater involvement of the entire crew in striving to achieve task execution. Further in-practice and academic research is required in aligning construction processes and methodologies with the concepts and definitions found in Scrum.


Lean construction, agile, scrum, last planner system, collaboration.



Power, W. , Sinnott, D. D. & Lynch, D. P. 2022. Scrum Complementing Last Planner System – a Case Study, Proc. 30th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) , 175-186.

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