Rethinking Project Delivery to Focus on Value and Innovation in the Public Sector

Patricia A. Tillmann1, Stuart Eckblad2, Fred Whitney3 & Niall Koefoed4

1Senior Manager for Lean Project Development, The Boldt Company, San Francisco, USA. [email protected],
2Vice President, Health Major Capital Projects, UCSF Real Estate, San Francisco, USA. [email protected]
3Director Project Delivery, UCSF Real Estate, San Francisco, USA. [email protected]
4 Senior Project Manager, Cambridge CM, San Francisco, USA. [email protected]


With the intent to move towards value generation, public organizations have been increasingly searching for alternative procurement and project delivery routes. Countries like the U.S., Finland, U.K., Norway, and Australia are pioneers in adopting alternative means to project delivery in the public sector. Past studies have documented the benefits of more collaborative arrangements in that sector. However, their impact on project performance and their ability to generate value still lack evidence and documentation. In addition, little is known about project management practices that helped organizations focus on value and achieve better project performance within this context. Thus, this paper aims to provide evidence about the impact of alternative delivery methods on generating better project outcomes in the public sector, highlighting fundamental mechanisms and lean management practices that have contributed to these results. This research follows a multi-case study approach, reporting the journey taken by The University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Health to rethink its project delivery methods in the public sector. A close collaboration between the University of California Berkeley (UC Berkeley) and UCSF allowed data to be collected throughout the years. This paper results from a reflection of collected data and new insights gained through focused group discussions.


Lean in the Public Sector, Value generation, Integrated Project Delivery



Tillmann, P. A. , Eckblad, S. , Whitney, F. & Koefoed, N. 2022. Rethinking Project Delivery to Focus on Value and Innovation in the Public Sector, Proc. 30th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) , 107-117.

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