Applying BIM Tools in IPD Project in Peru

Andrews Erazo1, Giankeving Guzman2 & Stefany Espinoza3

1Graduate Student, National University of Engineering, PerĂº, [email protected], 5639-573X
2Research Assistant, Virtual Design and Construction Laboratory, Department of Civil Engineering, National University of Engineering, PerĂº, [email protected],
3BIM Coordinator at COSAPI SA, [email protected],


Traditional project delivery models are characterized by poor interaction in the design and construction stages, the poor process of collaboration, communication, and integration between the customer, contractor, and subcontractors. Lean Construction and Building Information Modeling have been implemented with great success in different construction projects in Peru, however, projects with IPD collaborative contracts have little information about their application in Peru. The project application is a Fast Track type project for the Pan American Lima Games 2019. The paper aims to demonstrate that the use of BIM tools enhances collaboration and integration into an IPD project. It starts with a literary review of the topics and then describes the proposed BIM and IPD integration framework, and finally evaluates the metrics obtained.


Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), BIM, collaboration, ICE session.



Erazo, A. , Guzman, G. & Espinoza, S. 2020. Applying BIM Tools in IPD Project in Peru, Proc. 28th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) , 973-984.

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