Aiming the Lean Enterprise The "Plano 100" Case

Antonio Sergio Itri Conte1 & Frederico Augusto Martinelli2

1Logical Systems Consulting Ltd. fax: +55 11 573 1397, e mail: [email protected]
2Rossi Residencial Research and Development Coordinator


Based on the model proposed by Womack and Jones in their book "Lean Thinking" (1996), this work discusses the strategy for developing and introducing a product in the market based on real state destined to medium class, developed by the company Rossi Residencial, under de commercial name of "Plano 100". In this case, the company clearly intends to involve all ||| elements of the productive chain with the objective of reaching the best results, so that the products that attract clients due to their quality and low costs are viable, as well as the operational activities both of the company and its professional team and of its main suppliers/partners in relation to materials and services supplying.




Conte, A. S. I. & Martinelli, F. A. 1997. Aiming the Lean Enterprise The "Plano 100" Case , 5th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , -.

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