Enablers for Sustainable Lean Construction in India

Murali Jagannathan1, Ravindranadh Chowdary Kamma2, Venkatesan Renganaidu3 & Shobha Ramalingam4

1Assistant Professor, NICMAR Pune, India, +91 9663410101, [email protected]
2Assistant Professor, NICMAR Hyderabad, India, +91 9038645481, [email protected]
3Professor, NICMAR Hyderabad, India, +91 9444091973, [email protected]
4Assistant Professor, NICMAR Pune, India, +91 02066859122, [email protected]


Sustainability and Lean practices are two modern philosophies that are wielding influence in the construction industry. Researchers have observed that Sustainability and Lean implementation go hand in hand and there are benefits in implementing them together as ‘Sustainable Lean Construction’ (SLC). However, it was observed through a literature review that the contractors' top management support for implementing sustainable practices was not as evident as that of Lean implementation. In the Indian construction scenario, with the Sustainability initiatives and Lean implementation in preliminary stages, time is ripe for viewing them as concepts that complement each other and look for its widespread application as a combined credo. Commitment by owner organizations, compatibility with an existing contractual framework, design ability, constructability, government policy support, financial attractiveness, long-term relationship and increased market penetration are among the enablers that support the implementation of SLC in Indian conditions. The identified enablers and action points, therefore, pave the way for achieving the benefits of lean implementation and sustainable construction practices for fostering SLC practices in Indian construction.


Sustainability, Lean, Construction, Sustainable Lean Construction, Organizations, Enablers



Jagannathan, M. , Kamma, R. C. , Renganaidu, V. & Ramalingam, S. 2018. Enablers for Sustainable Lean Construction in India, 26th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 910-922.

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