Innovation in the New Zealand Construction Industry – Diffusion of the Last Planner System

Richard J. Hunt1 & Vicente A. Gonzalez2

1Associate, Decisionz Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand +64 22 417 3223, [email protected]
2Senior Lecturer, Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept., University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand, +64 21 877 134, [email protected]


Globally, the development, diffusion, and adoption of innovation within the construction industry has been shown to occur at significantly slower rates than other industries. This is due to a number of complexities which define the construction industry itself. One particular innovation which appears to be gaining momentum globally as a new standard in construction management is Lean Construction, and in particular, the Last Planner System of production control. The purpose of, and aims of this paper is to determine whether the views of New Zealand construction industry stakeholders regarding innovation align with the literature; to gauge to which degree The Last Planner System has been diffused within the New Zealand industry, and to gain an insight into stakeholder perspectives of The Last Planner System as an innovation. The study covered a range of industry stakeholders consisting of consultants, contractors, and project owners. The results of these interviews suggest that the challenges of construction innovation within New Zealand are consistent with the global outlook; diffusion of The Last Planner System is in its early stages and there is much scepticism within the industry as to the likelihood of its widespread adoption.


Innovation, Last Planner System, New Zealand, Lean Construction, Perspective



Hunt, R. J. & Gonzalez, V. A. 2018. Innovation in the New Zealand Construction Industry – Diffusion of the Last Planner System, 26th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 422-431.

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