Visual Planning for Supply Chain Management of Prefabricated Components in Construction

Saurabh Tiwari1, Girish Pawar2, Eric Luttmann3, Rudy Trujillo4 & Aiswarya Sreekumar5

1Director, vConstruct Private Limited, Pune, India, +91- 8446001610, [email protected]
2Sr. Project Engineer, vConstruct Private Limited, Pune, India, +91- 9403976679, [email protected]
3BIM Project Engineer, Digital Building Components, Phoenix, Arizona, +1- 2159138611,[email protected]
4Design Manager, Digital Building Components, Phoenix, Arizona,+1- 6023294255, [email protected]
5Sr. Project Engineer, vConstruct Private Limited, Pune, India, +91- 8826367246, [email protected]


One of the challenges in the supply chain management of prefabricated components is the communication gap between the jobsite and the fabrication shop to coordinate on the deliveries. The context is the supply chain of light gauge metal stud panels that are digitally fabricated using BIM and CNC Robots in the US construction industry. The solution implemented was a cloud-based ordering application. the superintendent in the field interface with the BIM of Metal Stud Panels on an iPad, sequences the panels in the order he/she wishes to install. The order placed by the superintendent is received by the fabrication shop, which then initiates the fabrication of the panel from the same BIM, in the same sequence using the CNC robots. Once fabricated, the panels are divided into batches and transported to the site for installation. This helps in prioritizing fabrication, assembly and shipping of panels as per the needs of various jobsites. The just-in-time fabrication and delivery enables lean workflow of construction material, and minimizes waste in over-production, transportation and inventory. The paper will focus on the process in detail and benefits from this approach


flow, visual management, job sequencing, logistics, supply chain management



Tiwari, S. , Pawar, G. , Luttmann, E. , Trujillo, R. & Sreekumar, A. 2018. Visual Planning for Supply Chain Management of Prefabricated Components in Construction, 26th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 1150-1159.

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