An Exploration of BIM and Lean Interaction in Optimizing Demolition Projects

Ahmed Elmaraghy1, Hans Voordijk2 & Mohamed Marzouk3

1MSc Student, Integrated Engineering Design and Management Program (IEDM), Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, +20 10 2222 6978, [email protected]
2Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management, Department of Construction Management and Engineering, Twente University, The Netherlands, + 31 53 489 4214, [email protected]
3Professor of Construction Engineering and Management, Structural Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Egypt, +20 2 35678425, [email protected]


Construction and demolition wastes have an adverse environmental impact. The demolition wastes are resulted from the linear economic behaviour that the Construction industry is currently adopting. IT-enabled processes like BIM have been used to eliminate wastes in Construction Projects. The alignment of these processes with Lean Construction principles was seen to reap high benefits. This research investigates the possibility of extending BIM functionalities to support deconstruction processes in alignment with Lean Principles. Based on the existing interaction matrix between BIM functionalities and Lean Principles and its subsequent extensions, the synergies between BIM and Lean are explored from a deconstruction perspective. The evidence of using BIM capabilities in deconstruction projects is mainly interpreted from research in addition to the current initiatives in the demolition and renovation projects in The Netherlands. The main aim is to integrate discrete efforts in industry and academia towards leveraging the recovery rate of salvaged elements. The evidence is then validated against Lean principles and the results reveal a major conformity between BIM and Lean. This exploratory research may contribute to the adoption of a structured framework in deconstruction projects that exploits BIM and Lean capabilities towards achieving a circular economy.


Lean construction, Building Information Modelling (BIM), Pull, Deconstruction, Waste



Elmaraghy, A. , Voordijk, H. & Marzouk, M. 2018. An Exploration of BIM and Lean Interaction in Optimizing Demolition Projects, 26th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 112-122.

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