As Sequences Flow: Proposal of Organizational Rules for ‘Lean Construction’ Management

Saverio Mecca1

1Associate Professor of Construction Management at the University of Calabria, Dipartimento di Strutture, Facoltà di Ingegneria, Arcavacata di Rende (CS), Italy, [email protected]


The reliability of building processes is related not only to the level of performance required but also to their organizational structure. Conditions of turbulence in which constructors operate on site closely interact with the performance of the construction process and particularly with the risk of non-conformance of a building to the performances required. Interaction is characterised by the stability of the organisational structure or its capacity to adapt to environmental variability. A technical risk organisational factor analysis in construction processes can lead construction management to design organisational structures capable of reacting to environmental conditions in which “on site” production operations develop, and also able to increase the reliability of the building process. Working on organisational interfaces can lead not only to changes in detail design, but also in performances required to each operator, in order to obtain higher efficiency levels. Based on case studies conducted on sequential organisational structures of the building process, a set of organisational rules is proposed for implementation in experimental “lean construction” processes. Organisational rules based on risk organisational factors analysis can lead to the designing of a “lean” organizational structure of construction processes.


Construction, organisational design, sequential process, uncertainty



Mecca, S. 1999. As Sequences Flow: Proposal of Organizational Rules for ‘Lean Construction’ Management, 7th Annual Conference of the International Group for Lean Construction , 399-410.

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